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    Fuente Santa is one municipal distric of Gérgal (Almeria) that gradually was becoming depopulated from halfway through the twenty century. This Web page has been created with the intention to maintain a graphical and historical file of the place. All the information that can be provided to us, either in documents or historical reviews, will be welcome.
It´s getting dark in Fuente Santa
    Fuente Santa is located next to the municipal areas of Alboloduy, Santa Cruz and Santa Fe. In fact, Gérgal watercourse, that runs in sense the north-south, is the one that marks the territorial limits between the municipal area of Gérgal and those of Santa Cruz and Alboloduy. In addition it is necessary to stand out that the Fuente Santa railway station is located in the south of the locality, in the limit between the municipal areas of Gérgal and Santa Fe. In fact, Fuente Santa railway station is located in the múnicipal area of Santa Fe.

    If there is something representative of Fuente Santa, it is without a doubt its fountain. In relationship to this item, in Guide of the Swimmer published in 1876 the following thing can be read:

   " In the Gérgal watercourse and to one legua away of the village lies the Fuente Santa, whose water is of 23º, and contains sulfurated hydrogen. It is used against all the cutaneous diseases and is very concurred."
The fountain

    Fuente Santa is a little far away from all sites. One could arrive there by train until some years ago, but nowadays no train has shutdown in its railway station. The best way to arrive at the place is by a 7 km nonasphalted road from municipal distric of Las Alcubillas.

   The approximate distances in straight line to the near municipalities are the following ones:
The railway station


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